How Many Ecommerce Stores Are There in 2021?

Ecommerce has become our new normal. With the pandemic making us rely more on online shopping, and giants such as Amazon providing a quick and simple shopping experience, it is no wonder that ecommerce stores are popping up left and right. In fact, it has even become unusual for brick-and-mortar shops not to have an ecommerce presence. 

So how many ecommerce stores are there? Let’s look at the numbers.

Intriguing Online Shopping Facts: How Many Ecommerce Sites Are There?

Ecommerce stores are changing our idea of shopping. With the way they’re altering the experience, it’s easy to see they will remain present in the foreseeable future. Let’s dive into the numbers and facts about all the stores and companies out there and see the picture the stats paint about their growth.

1. How Many Ecommerce Stores Are There In The United States?

(EtailInsights, Statista)

According to EtailInsights, which deals with B2C ecommerce statistics and facts, there are around 1.8 million ecommerce stores in the US. The largest ecommerce sites in the world mostly hail from the United States, which is no surprise knowing that the US also has a total of 263 million digital buyers in 2021.

2. How Many Dropship Ecommerce Stores Are There Online?

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While the exact number is elusive, the percentage explains the situation pretty well. Dropshipping is an ecommerce shipping strategy where the supplier ships the product directly to the customer, while the store saves on storage and other costs. According to Forrester Research, at least 23% of ecommerce stores use dropshipping.

3. How Many Ecommerce Companies Are There?

(Digital Commerce 360)

Figures and criteria vary depending on the researcher. However, the commonly accepted estimate from Digital Commerce puts the number of ecommerce sites in the world somewhere between 12 and 24 million.

4. How Many Shopify Stores Are There?


According to Shopify’s site, the platform powers over 1,000,000 businesses all over the world. Also, Shopify stores contributed around  $319 billion in economic activity all over the world between 2016 and 2019, making Shopify one of the top ecommerce companies in the world.

5. How Many Sales Are Online?


In 2020, ecommerce took part with 16.1% in total global retail sales. As more people get access to the Internet, and online shopping becomes an even more popular activity, the percentage will keep getting higher year after year. In fact, the percentage is expected to reach 22% in 2023.

6. What Percent Of Online Retailers Now Have Mcommerce Websites?

(Medium, Statista)

The percentage of Fortune 500 online retailers who had released a shopping app by 2018 is 85%. In the next few years, these figures could be even higher, as ecommerce statistics show that in 2021, 72.9% of all retail ecommerce will be done through mobile.

How Many Ecommerce Stores Are There - Online Marketplace

7. What Are The Top 10 Ecommerce Sites?


In 2020, the top ecommerce sites by revenue are (in this order):

  • Suning Commerce Group
  • Apple
  • Walmart 
  • Dell Technologies
  • Vipshop Holdings
  • Otto Group
  • Gome Electrical Appliances
  • Macy’s

8. How Much Does The Average Ecommerce Store Make?

(Jungle Scout)

The average ecommerce store monthly sales, according to Jungle Scout, come to around $12,180. This is the data for new Amazon sellers with about 1 to 2 years of experience, which make up the majority of all Amazon sellers. When it comes to actual profit, and not sales, that group of new sellers makes around $2,131 a month. 

9. Is Amazon The Largest Online Retailer?

(VentureBeat, SimilarWeb)

It has by now become common knowledge that, yes, Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. In 2020, Amazon reported revenue of mind-whopping $386.1 billion, 38% up from 2019. Not only that, but Amazon is also the highest-ranking online retailer by traffic per month, with its main website hitting 2.6 billion visits in January 2021.

10. How Much Is the Ecommerce Market Worth?


In 2021, the global ecommerce market will be worth around $4.9 trillion in sales. As the need for online shopping rises, as well as its availability, the global ecommerce market is projected to reach $5.695 trillion in 2022.

11. How Much Shopping Is Done Online?


Online shopping statistics show that roughly a quarter of all Internet users have purchased something online, which is around 2.14 billion people. As more people are expected to gain Internet access, and the number of mobile devices rises, more and more people will join the global ecommerce market.

12. Who Is The Largest Ecommerce Company?


Amazon is the largest ecommerce retailer both by revenue and traffic. Everything about Amazon is gargantuan—even its market share of total ecommerce sales reached 38.7% in 2020.


We are shopping out of necessity, and shopping for fun, using different devices and at any time of the day. Ecommerce facts point that the industry is only to continue growing and becoming a part of our lives, whatever the number of individual stores. But to simply answer the question from the title: estimates say there are between 12 and 24 million ecommerce stores in the world.


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