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Placeit is a place for making template design easy. If you subscribe to the app, you’ll be able to create mockups, designs, and videos in a more
Placeit is a place for making template design easy. If you subscribe to the app, you’ll be able to create mockups, designs, and videos in a matter of seconds. As a matter of fact, you’ll get unlimited downloads on all of the brand’s 48+ templates.  Nowadays, branding is more important than ever. Every graphic, video, logo, flyer, business card, or social media image needs to not only communicate your message but also represent your brand values and mission. This is where Placeit can help you. Even without a Placeit coupon, this intuitive and strong brand-material generator will help you develop bold, original, and stunning marketing materials. You will design without having to learn design programs or hire a professional. The brand’s smart templates will design every marketing material for you.  show less
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Placeit has the biggest collection of mockups on the internet. Besides this large library, it has the easiest way to make mockups. You just drop your design and it’ll generate one.

Placeit has thousands and thousands of social media and ad templates for advertising your business, as well as flexible and easy to use video slideshow templates. What more can you ask for?

Placeit Coupon Code 2021

Placeit marries tech and design to develop professional marketing and branding tools so anyone could build amazing visual assets for their brand regardless of design or tech skills. The company is proud of its ability to turn difficult layout and design problems into ridiculously easy to use tools. 

Even more, it makes high-quality branding, promotion, and marketing tools affordable and accessible to everyone. With this in mind, why not save some hard-earned cash while you use these tools to grow your personal or corporate brand online?

Fortunately, you won’t have issues with this. The brand has a long history of offering coupons and other Placeit discount codes for its design tools. Remember, though, that some of these deals are short-lived, while others last for a long period, giving you ample opportunity to save your hard-earned cash. Below, you will learn all about the currently available Placeit coupons.

How to Find a Placeit Coupon Code

Regrettably, if you go to the Placeit site, you won’t discover a single Placeit promo code. Moreover, Placeit doesn’t have a dedicated page for promotions or discounts. Taking this into account, it appears highly unlikely that the brand will go public with its coupons anytime soon. 

At the moment, the best option for you to discover a discount code is to frequently visit our website. We take pride in exploring every possible avenue to find each and every Placeit discount. In other words, this is the only site you need to explore if you want to save some money on your next purchase of Placeit mockups, designs, logos, and videos.

Placeit Discount Code for Subscribing to a Newsletter

Bad luck. If you were to sign up for the Placeit email newsletter, you wouldn’t receive a single coupon code. However, as the brand is a part of Envato Market, you’ll likely receive early notifications about any future Placeit limited-time discount or holiday offers. You will become eligible for community-only promotions as well.

How to Redeem a Placeit Coupon

As we mentioned, you won’t be able to redeem any Placeit discount codes or other promotions on the brand’s website. Of course, if Placeit does allow such an option in the future, it will, in all likelihood, be the same as with most other ecommerce websites. What do we mean by this?

Well, most ecommerce websites create a designated field for entering coupons in the checkout page. Since most checkout pages look the same more or less, the field to enter Placeit discount codes will appear somewhere in order summary or payment form.

How to Save Without a Placeit Coupon

As we said, there isn’t any Placeit discount code on the offer at the moment. However, you shouldn’t lose hope. You can still save some of your money through various Placeit money-saving options. Let’s discuss them further.

Placeit Holiday Sales

As Placeit is a part of Envato Market brand, the company is keen on offering holiday promo codes. Last year, you could find Placeit Black Friday sale, followed by Cyber Monday offer. Both lasted for quite a while.

During this time, there were more than 100 designs, videos, logos, and mockups on sale. While we can’t predict the future, it is more than possible that another Placeit Cyber Monday or Black Friday will take place this year. This is because the previous Placeit special deals expired recently, and it's probable that others will be on their way in the near future.

Placeit Special Deals

Free Templates

While there is no Placeit free trial option at the moment, the brand does offer a free template library. All you need to do is create an account on its website, and begin using Placeit for free. This free template offers a couple of hundred of mockups, videos, and design templates you can use to further your branding and marketing efforts. The brand adds new templates to this free-to-download library every week.

Placeit Limited-Time Discount on Annual Subscription

Placeit offers a limited-time discount on its yearly subscription plan that saves you a nice 20% off for the first year. In other words, you would pay only $79.95 for a subscription plan instead of the full price ($99.95).

Placeit Referral Program

Placeit offers a referral program that gets you $35 for every monthly subscriber you refer to the company, and $90 for every annual subscriber you refer to them. In addition, you will get a nice 50% for every one-time transaction made by the person you referred. If you want to use this opportunity, you’ll need to create an account with an affiliate program.

After you earn money through referring, you’ll be able to withdraw it either via bank transfer or PayPal. The brand sends payments once a month.

Placeit Terms and Conditions

According to the Placeit Terms and Conditions, your subscription will remain active until you cancel it, which you can do at any time. Of course, you will have to submit your cancellation request at least one business day before the billing cycle to avoid the fees for that billing cycle.

When it comes to refunds, the brand doesn't generally issue refunds for any unused part of your subscription plan. If you would still want to request a refund, you will need to email the company. It will assess your refund request on its merit. Moreover, it can cancel your subscription plan at any time for any reason, especially if you:

  1. Breach the brand’s terms or any policies.
  2. Act in a way that doesn’t align with the brand’s values.
  3. Act in a way that could cause harm to the brand.

Keep in mind that once you cancel your Placeit subscription plan, you won’t be able to access your customized products. It is recommended that you make sure you’ve downloaded all your customized products before you cancel its services.

Take Your Branding Efforts to the Next Level

Placeit is the perfect place for anyone looking to further their branding and marketing efforts. The brand’s library has over 10,000 logos, and adds hundreds of more marketing templates every week. Everyone can find the one they need. 

You don’t have to learn design or attend an expensive design school. You can move and resize every template as you want. Even more, you can step in to move and resize layers as well. All templates are carefully made by design veterans so your work will always look like it was supposed to. What are you waiting for? Grab a Placeit coupon today!

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