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Do you want to get in touch with the team at Tech Price Crunch? Please have a look at this page first to ensure that your email goes to the right person. 

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We’re quite strict about the businesses that we promote. If your company provides great solutions in ecommerce or cloud computing, let us know. Our clients trust us to provide the best information, and we’re always looking for new solutions for them.

You benefit by having access to a wide range of buyers who’re interested in what you’re selling. Our clients benefit through access to great products. It’s a win-win.  

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If you’ve already been listed on our site, you’ll have seen an increase in qualified leads. Take full advantage of that by contacting us about a paid promotion. We’ll work with you to give our audience the best information to make their buying decision.

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We will consider high-quality submissions that benefit our readers. Please don’t ask about link exchanges because we won’t agree to these. We’re focused on providing valuable information rather than just spamming our visitors.

If you’re a reader and would like more information on a particular topic that we haven’t covered, please get in touch. We’ll try to add it to our editorial calendar. 

4. Would you like more information on our privacy policy? We respect the privacy of all visitors, so we won’t sell the information provided to us. You may read the full terms of our Privacy Policy here.

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Link Exchanges

We’ve got a zero-tolerance policy for link exchange programs and similar black hat marketing techniques. We won’t participate in these schemes, so please don’t ask us to. 

Our reader’s privacy is of paramount importance. You can read our Privacy Policy here. We don’t tolerate spam and will not ever sell our users’ details. 

We cannot entertain requests for:

1. Link Exchanges

Tech Price Crunch does NOT participate in link exchange programs.

2. The Sale of Products

We provide information for our readers. We’re neither actively involved in the sale of products, nor an intermediary for these companies. If you’d like more information on the products that you see on our site, please contact the company featured directly.

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