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There are few things more frustrating in life than losing important files. Whether through accidentally deleting them, or a malfunction on your computer, the realization that a...show more
There are few things more frustrating in life than losing important files. Whether through accidentally deleting them, or a malfunction on your computer, the realization that a file is irretrievably gone can be crushing. Thank goodness that programs like EaseUS exist. Marketed as a “data recovery wizard,” this life-saving tool is designed to rescue files and other important data that seemed lost forever. Situations like accidental deletion of files, unexpected system crashes, virus attacks, and so on, all suddenly seem less terrifying once you’ve used an EaseUS coupon code. show less
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 Now, there are plenty of similar data recovery tools out there, but EaseUS might be the best of the bunch. For starters, it has more sheer power, recovering files (and file types) that its competitors simply can’t. It can even retrieve corrupted files from damaged drives. What’s more, it has partition manager and data backup options, and it’s nice and easy to use. 

When you have important data on your computer, you should always have a safety net for that worst-case scenario. This is one of the best safety nets you can find right now, and we’re going to explain exactly how you can get it - cheaply - by using an EaseUS coupon.

EaseUS Coupon Code 2021

One of the best things about EaseUS is the flexibility you’re given in how exactly you buy it. In addition to the main data recovery tool, you have options to simply buy the backup, partition, mobile phone backup, or data transfer programs individually instead. 

Whichever package you plump for, you can pick between one month, one year, and lifetime subscriptions. Even without an EaseUS discount, longer commitments are vastly cheaper. One month of the data recovery tool, for example, will cost you $69.95 at the regular prices. A year will only cost you only $30 more, at $99.95, so it’s obviously much better value.

Considering the doomsday scenario it can help to avoid, buying EaseUS is basically a no-brainer. You should still get it as cheaply as possible, though, which is where an EaseUS promo code comes in!

Types of Coupons

As you’d expect, almost all coupons for EaseUS help to give you a discount on purchasing one of the subscriptions. Within that framework, though, there’s actually a pleasing amount of variety. 

Many of the coupons offer a general, sitewide discount. Such discounts range in value, anywhere from 10% all the way up to a hefty 60% off your EaseUS sale. Thanks to their non-specific nature, these may well prove the best coupons for you if you’re not sure exactly which product variation you want.

Almost all other coupons you’ll find will be product-specific. One, for example, gives you 50% off the Data Recovery Wizard. Another will net you a sweet 40% discount on the Partition Master tool. 

Overall, we’d recommend considering both sitewide EaseUS coupons and product-specific ones before making a purchase, to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal. 

How to Find Coupon Codes

Even compared to other software developers, EaseUS shows little interest whatsoever in offering its own deals on the website! So, if you want to get a discount, you’re going to need to shop around.

The good news is that it’s really not difficult to find an EaseUS coupon on our site!

Promo Codes for Subscribing to a Newsletter

Plenty of developers advertise special offers in return for newsletter subscriptions, but few actually mean it. So, it’s exciting to find that this is a legit way to get an EaseUS coupon code!

It’s quick, easy, and free to sign up for the EaseUS newsletter. Do so, and you’ll immediately be given a $5 coupon, which you can use however you please. You’ll also be able to stay up to date on future giveaways and upcoming holiday sales (more on those later!). 

How to Redeem Promo Codes

As noted, it’s certainly not hard to find a good EaseUS discount code. Fortunately, it’s just as easy to actually use these codes once you have located them. 

When you’ve found a deal you like, simply click the button next to it, which will say something like “Get Deal.” A coupon code should now appear. 

Return to the EaseUS website, go to the Store page, find the product you want, and click “Buy Now.” Pick the subscription length you want. Then, on the next page, you’ll see an option near the top, reading “Check to enter coupon code.” Do so, then paste the EaseUS coupon code into the box and click “Apply.” 

The discount should now be included, and you can go ahead and complete the rest of your purchase. If the discount isn’t applied for some reason, go back and check the Ts & Cs for the offer.

How to Save Without EaseUS Coupon Codes

As we’ve established, finding and using a coupon code is usually the quickest and most reliable way to get a good deal on EaseUS software. 

That said, there are opportunities out there to get some great value out of EaseUS through other avenues. In this section, you’ll learn exactly how to do just that. 

Seasonal and Holiday Sales

Short of using a regular EaseUS disk recovery coupon, this is the next best way to save on your purchase. 

Like many similar businesses, EaseUS loves to seize the publicity surrounding the calendar’s biggest occasions. These tie-ins will be short-lived, so you’ll have to act quickly, but they can net you some major savings. Signing up for the newsletter is a great way to make sure you find out about them in time. 

EaseUS Black Friday Sale 

Black Friday is generally the best time to get short-term EaseUS deals on software purchases.

The specifics of this sale change from year to year. That said, you’ll normally be getting a 50% discount on your purchase. Sometimes, that comes on specific products, but EaseUS has also been known to offer Black Friday bundles, containing several of its most popular products. 

Cyber Monday is, of course, another famous day on which to find deals on digital products, but there isn’t a specific EaseUS Cyber Monday deal. Instead, the Black Friday promotion is simply extended across the entire weekend, from Friday to Monday.

EaseUS Christmas Sale 

The December/January holiday season is another time when EaseUS loves to offer deals.

It’s been marketed as either a Christmas or New Year’s sale, but, either way, this is a great time to get an EaseUS data recovery discount. That discount will tend to be 50-60%, and, as with Black Friday, can either be for individual products or bundles. 


Unfortunately, there is no “refer a friend”-style deal with EaseUS. The company does, however, have an enticing affiliate program in place. 

What’s more, the program is open to anyone, and signing up is quick and easy to do, thanks to the brand’s partnership with a couple of large, established affiliate networks. Joining it is completely free, and this EaseUS offer gives affiliates up to 60% commission on any purchases made via their link. Marketing materials are also provided, and you get direct support from experts at the company. 

Warranty, Trial, and Return Policy

EaseUS does have a refund policy in place, which is both fair and clearly explained. 

You can check it out for yourself within here. But, in short, if you request a refund within 30 days of using an EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard coupon (or any other, for that matter), it should be given automatically. 

Elsewhere, you can exchange specific products if you purchased the wrong one and get a “price adjustment” refund if the price changes within a week of your purchase. 

That aforementioned 30-day money-back guarantee effectively serves as the EaseUS free trial. You can use that month to fully evaluate the capabilities of the software. And if you don’t like it, you can simply get your money back. 

Recover Data with Ease

You already know you should back up your data regularly. EaseUS offers an excellent backup tool to help with that. 

Now, there are still plenty of times when your data is vulnerable to being lost. That’s where the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - the com[any’s flagship product - comes in. It’s intuitive, powerful, and can be an absolute life-saver in the event of data loss. 

Losing data can incur big costs, in both time and money. An EaseUS purchase greatly reduces the risk of either. And when you use an EaseUS coupon code with that purchase, the value becomes simply irresistible. 

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