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VSDC is a non-linear video editing tool. Created by Multilab LLC and Khapov, this program allows you to process high-resolution videos such as 3D, 4K Ultra High...show more
VSDC is a non-linear video editing tool. Created by Multilab LLC and Khapov, this program allows you to process high-resolution videos such as 3D, 4K Ultra High Definition, and Virtual Reality 360-degree. Even without a VSDC coupon, this video editing software will enable you to use post-production effects, correct live colors, and track motion across the screen. What separates it from the competition is that VSDC integrates perfectly with VirtualDub plug-ins and its capability of recording video directly from your screen. Not to mention it can capture audio and store multimedia files to various extensions, including those designed for broadcasting on social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and Twitter. show less
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Save $5 on VSDC Vedio Editor
Expired On Jul 31, 2021
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Save $38 VSDC Editor Pro
Expired On Jul 31, 2021

VSDC Discount Coupon 2021

That said, it’s no wonder that the brand is keen on offering more than one VSDC coupon. As a matter of fact, the company has a rich history of promoting exclusive VSDC deals. However, keep in mind that some of those offers expire pretty soon, while others can live for a long while, providing an abundance of opportunity to lower the prices on VSDC.

If you want to learn more about the currently accessible VSDC online discount deals, read on. 

Types of VSDC Coupons

If you happen to find a VSDC video editor pro coupon, you’re in for a treat. This code will save you money on a VSDC video editor pro lifetime license. This pro footage editor will give you more options for pro-tier movie editing, such as high subpixel resolution, increasing hardware speed, several color Chroma keys, and exclusive customer service. It’s a deal of a lifetime. 

We’ll discuss other VSDC video editor promotions in the sections below.

How to Find a VSDC Discount Coupon

While there is no shortage of VSDC video editor promotions around the internet, the company doesn’t give them at a whim. VSDC has no social media presence, and its blog isn’t updated at all.

Moreover, you won’t find any promo codes on its website. The company sports no dedicated pages for exclusive offers, promo deals, etc. In other words, VSDC doesn’t promote its coupons openly. That said, your best option for finding a VSDC coupon is to check our site frequently. We like to explore every single venue for finding the best deals from the brand.

VSDC Coupon Code for Subscribing to a Newsletter

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t have an email newsletter, and you won’t receive any VSDC video editor promotions this way.

How to Redeem a VSDC Discount Code

Redeeming a VSDC coupon code depends on several factors. The first is whether you have downloaded the software directly from the brand’s website, or from a third-party host. 

If you have downloaded it from the VSDC site, you will need to visit it again. From there, the process is similar to other ecommerce stores. However, instead of selecting your product, you can go straight to the cart page. Proceed to the checkout page from there. Then, copy and paste VSDC video editor pro coupon code into the designated input field. You can find this field on your Order Summary in the left part of the screen. To complete the process, press the “Apply” button.

On the other hand, if you downloaded the app from a third-party website, you will need to go to that website again. Thankfully, the process will be similar to what we just described. Repeat the process and voila! You saved money on VSDC pro video editor.

How to Save Without a Videosoftdev.com Coupon

Even if you don’t find a VSDC video editor pro coupon, you shouldn’t worry. There are a lot of ways to save money on the brand’s products. If you want to find out more, have a look at the sections below.

VSDC Holiday Sales

During the last several years, the company has promoted various exclusive VSDC deals that have coincided with different holidays. For instance, the brand offered a VSDC Black Friday sale, which netted its customers a nice 40% discount on its pro version. This sale was followed by a VSDC video editor Cyber Monday offer. 

There were also VSDC Christmas sales and various other promotions. Remember to search for them when such holidays are near. You’ll be surprised by what you can find.

VSDC Free Trial

The brand offers a free trial of its software for Windows users. With it, you will be able to create various movies of all kinds as well as edit them as much as you like. VSDC free trial version supports all well-known audio and video extensions, as well as codecs, including HD, DVD, and GoPro formats.

It sports pre-designed profiles that enable you to create footage for different multimedia and mobile devices at an instant. Moreover, it has a collection of tools for improving sound quality, footage editing, voiceover capture, screen recording, and more. If you are on a budget, VSDC free trial is the way to go.

This version is based on non-linearity, which means you can create professional-grade footage as well as blend several layers of video into a single composition. Moreover, non-linear video editing software allows you to use footage and graphics in a non-linear or indirect sequence. Elements can appear in different positions in the scene at the same time with other elements.

In other words, you won’t have any trouble applying an image-in-image effect, transform elements or their position as time passes, or adding a split-screen effect.

VSDC Back to School Sale

VSDC back to school sale is the brand's unique discount program for schools. Following its value that creativity is an integral element of development, the company decided to make footage editing accessible to everyone. This program is freely available to all schools and any number of devices.

It offers a multimedia version that has all the features as the pro version, enabling students to edit sound and video files for free. If you want to explore this opportunity, you should contact the brand about program participation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small school or a big university, you are free to join the VSDC family.

With the VSDC back to school program, you will be able to create your school project in no time. Even a university TV program with its upgraded Chroma Key and voiceover features. From sports highlighting with zoom, timer, and slow motion, to teaching and learning professional video processing techniques — this tool has it all.

However, for this program, you will need to acquire an educational license, mention the brand at the student’s resource page, and complete the application process on its website.

VSDC Refund Policy and Warranty

According to the VSDC Terms and Conditions, you can return this software and receive reimbursement during the first 30 days of purchase. However, you can get a refund only in the following instances:

    1. If you have accidentally bought the app’s license twice. If this happens, the company will reimburse you for one license. 
    2. If the app has extreme technical errors, and it’s not possible to repair it within a month.

However, the brand won’t give you a reimbursement in the following instances:

    1. If you decline to cooperate with the customer service.
    2. If you refuse to give out info concerning technical errors.
    3. You decide not to implement the fixes that the customer service provided.
    4. If you utilize the app on any outdated or inadequate hardware.
    5. You express displeasure for the app because of reasons that are not related to technical issues.

Regarding the app’s warranty, the brand doesn’t give any, including implied or expressed warranties.

Edit Video and Audio With Ease

Whether you need video-editing or audio-editing software, VSDC got you covered. Cut, merge, split into parts, trim, rotate, crop, flip, play backward, change volume, it's up to you. You can even change video speed, stabilize it, add text or subtitles, and insert over 60 transition effects.

If audio is your thing, this software will enable you to split movies into video and audio layers and process them as independent parts — movie tracks and audio files. Use Audio Spectrum to animate an audio file to the rhythm of the music, or a pre-designed voiceover tool for capturing voices and adding them to the video. The only thing left for you is to grab a VSDC coupon.

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