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With digital distribution being the norm today, platforms such as G2A have become the go-to destination for purchasing your favorite games online. Offering tens of thousands of...show more
With digital distribution being the norm today, platforms such as G2A have become the go-to destination for purchasing your favorite games online. Offering tens of thousands of titles and other digital gaming products, G2A is one of the largest platforms of its type. Here you’ll find all the games you want to play, often at massively discounted prices. If you’re an avid gamer that’s just as passionate about bargain hunting as about playing games, you’ll absolutely love this site. Read on to discover the best gaming deals on the internet and learn more about using a G2A coupon to unlock sizable discounts and other lucrative deals. show less
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G2A Discount Code 2021

If you opt for conventional shopping, you’ll notice that the best AAA games rarely go down in price. But websites like G2A have become increasingly popular lately because they’ve changed the rules of the game and started offering fantastic discounts on all titles in their catalog.

Some of these discounts come in the form of weekly and monthly sales, while others are locked behind promotional codes. On this page, you’ll learn everything you need to know about G2A coupon codes, including the types of benefits they provide and the best places to look for them.

Types of G2A Discount Codes

G2A is a digital marketplace, so there’s not much variety when it comes to G2A coupons

While browsing G2A promo codes, you’ll mostly find percentage-based discounts on selected titles or cashback codes for G2A bundles or individual games.

A G2A cashback code allows you to earn back a portion of the money you spend. Those funds are then added to your balance, giving you an extra few dollars to spend on your next purchase.

How to Find a G2A Discount Code

There’s no need to hunt high and low to find a G2A promo code — you’re already in the right place. At TechPriceCrunch, we collect all currently active G2A offers and organize them into an easy-to-browse list for your convenience. Go through all the codes displayed on this page, and with a bit of luck, you’ll find what you’re looking for. And if you don’t see the code for the game you want, don’t worry — there are other savings opportunities we’ll discuss later in the article.

How to Redeem a G2A Coupon Code

Redeeming a G2A.com coupon is as straightforward as it gets. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Add the game you want to purchase to your shopping cart.
  • Find the corresponding code on our page (e.g., the G2A discount code for 10% off) and copy it to your clipboard.
  • Tab back to the shop and click on the shopping cart icon in the top-right corner.
  • Find the coupon text box, paste your code there, and click Apply.

And that’s it — your order total will now show a lower price!

How to Save Without a G2A Coupon

G2A’s business model revolves around bargains, so it’s no surprise there are plenty of ways to save money when buying games from this digital retailer. If you’re unable to find a G2A coupon that provides the benefit you need, here are a few alternatives.

G2A Seasonal Sales

The platform hosts mega sales during all major shopping holidays. As with most online retailers, you’ll find the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

G2A Black Friday Deals

In the past, Black Friday deals have included discounts of up to 80%, allowing you to purchase several games for the price of just one. Bundle deals and much more await if you decide to buy on this popular shopping holiday.

G2A Cyber Monday Deals

G2A’s seasonal promotions continue throughout the Cyber Weekend, culminating in a big Cyber Monday event. Just like Black Friday, you can expect fantastic prices on both individual games and bundles.

G2A Deals

As you open the landing page, you’ll instantly see numerous deals you can take advantage of. Scroll down the main page to see all the latest weekly sales and the exact savings they provide. Here you’ll also find the list of trending titles, many of which are discounted by up to 80%.

For even more deals, click on the Price Crusher 3000 in the header to see a list of heavily discounted games available for a limited time only. GTA’s discounts here go from 50% all the way up to 90%, but you have to act quickly if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to buy a game you like at a fraction of its regular price.

G2A Gift Cards and Codes

G2A gift cards are another way to pay less or even get games for free. If you have recently acquired a G2A gift card, all you need to do is register an account and apply the provided G2A gift code. Once done, the amount displayed on the card will be added to your account as credit, which you can then use to purchase game keys and other items available on the site.

G2A Plus

The company offers a subscription-based benefit program that unlocks amazing features. You can get one free game per month, access exclusive sales, and earn a bonus G2A discount for 5% off or more. If you frequently buy new games, G2A Plus is definitely worth checking out.

Referral Program

G2A Goldmine is the company’s take on a referral program that allows you to invite others to buy games at a fantastic price and earn some credit for yourself. You’ll receive credits for every sale completed via the link you share. You don’t even have to advertise games — instead, you can promote the G2A Plus feature and invite customers to subscribe to it.

Refund Policy

G2A’s strong money-back guarantee protects customers from faulty games or, even worse, fraudulent activity. Since the platform connects sellers and buyers and doesn’t directly sell games to its customers, having a refund policy that protects the buyers is extremely important.

For example, if a title you’ve recently purchased doesn’t work or isn’t as described, you’re eligible for a refund. Simply file a claim and allow the seller seven days to resolve the issue. But if you bought a key by mistake and try to ask for a refund, your request will be rejected. For more information, read the official refund policy on the company’s website.

The Simplest and Most Affordable Way of Gaming

The best way to describe G2A would be to compare it to an ecosystem of gamers sharing the one thing they truly love — games. Here you can buy and sell games and make money by promoting your favorite titles. If you decide to participate in the referral program, you can earn store credit to use toward your next purchase. Better yet, you can even withdraw that money and add it to your bank account!

Discover deals you didn’t think existed and never pay the full price for a game again! Grab your coupons for G2A today and start gaming like a pro — on a budget!


Can I get a refund on G2A?

If the key you received isn’t working or the seller hasn’t delivered your key at all, you can get a refund on your purchase. All you need to do is file a claim on the platform, and you’ll get your money back within a week. For more information, read G2A’s money-back guarantee policy.

Does G2A have coupons?

While the retailer doesn’t offer coupon codes on the website, you’ll find incredible deals all year round. And if you can’t wait for your favorite game’s price to go down, grab a G2A coupon from TechPriceCrunch and use it at checkout to unlock a sizable discount.

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