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Who isn’t tired of trying to come up with dozens of unique passwords and remember them all? That’s exactly why RoboForm was created. This password manager more
Who isn’t tired of trying to come up with dozens of unique passwords and remember them all? That’s exactly why RoboForm was created. This password manager both generates strong, random passwords and stores them for you. If you opt for anything other than a free trial, you’ll get the option of securely sharing passwords with other users as well.  Though the product itself is pretty affordable, it’s natural you’d want to save as much money as you can. The great news is - you can find RoboForm discount code in plenty of places.  show less
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Hackers have been getting smarter, but creative passwords are hard to create and remember. And with two-factor authentication complicating things further, you could really use a product that does the work for you. 

A one-size-fits-all approach won’t do, either, and RoboForm knows it. The company offers multiple plans to satisfy the needs of every one of its clients. If you find some great RoboForm deals on top of all that - it's a win-win. 

RoboForm Coupon Code 2021

The only thing better than finding a truly useful product is discovering that there are plenty of coupons to go along with it. RoboForm coupons are fairly easy to find, and the brand itself offers plenty of discounts that can lower the price for as much as 30%.

Types of Coupons

RoboForm is all about protection in the digital world. That’s why the digital world is the only place you’ll find a RoboForm coupon. Both the brand’s official website and third-party websites have regular RoboForm offers you definitely shouldn’t miss. If you know where to look, you’ll find just what you need to sweeten the deal.

How to Find Coupon Codes

Whether you’re looking for a RoboForm discount code or a coupon, you should be able to find it on the brand’s website. There is a dedicated coupon page which will show you every currently active RoboForm promo code. They often change, though, so be sure to subscribe to the brand’s newsletter. That way, you’ll catch new promotions before they disappear. 

If you can’t see any coupon codes, though, you’re likely to find a discount code for RoboForm instead. Either way, chances are there will be at least three useful promotions to choose from.

How to Redeem Promo Codes

Once a RoboForm coupon catches your eye, it’s time to apply it. Whether you’ve found it on the brand’s official website or a third-party website, the procedure is the same. If the CTA reads ‘Show Coupon’ or something along those lines, simply click on it to reveal the code. 

Copy it, choose the plan you wish to purchase, and once you get to the checkout, paste the code. If the code is correct, you’ll be able to see the reduced price.

Discount codes are even easier to apply. Say you need RoboForm on every device, so you’re looking for a RoboForm Everywhere discount code. Chances are the brand is already offering it, so you’ll want to check RoboForm’s official website first. 

If you find the desired discount code, click on the CTA that reads ‘Get This Deal,’ and your work is done. The code will be automatically applied, and the reduced prices should be visible. Finding a discount code for RoboForm on a third-party website works in a similar fashion. 

The CTA will probably read ‘Get Deal’ or ‘Get Offer.’ Once you click on it, you’ll be redirected to the RoboForm website to complete your purchase. The RoboForm discount code will be automatically applied, and you’ll see the new prices. All that’s left is to buy your license and enjoy safe, convenient passwords.

How to Save Without Promo Codes

If you don’t feel like hunting for a new RoboForm discount code every day, don’t worry. The brand offers plenty of year-long discounts, and new ones show up on special dates. So save your calendar and make that hunt easier on yourself!

Seasonal and Holiday Discounts

RoboForm doesn’t usually offer special discounts for big holidays such as Christmas or Halloween. The company does, however, “celebrate” other dates. Cyber Monday is one of them, and thanks to third-party websites, you’ll likely find a lucrative RoboForm Black Friday sale as well.

RoboForm Cyber Monday

The company has occasionally offered discounts of up to 20% on Cyber Monday. There’s no telling whether that will be the case this year as well. Follow RoboForm’s social media and make sure you catch this discount if the brand decides to offer it once again.

RoboForm Black Friday

Just because the brand doesn’t usually offer special discounts for Black Friday, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. TechPriceCrunch has a habit of holding a special RoboForm sale around this time. Some even offer discounts as high as 35%. It’s a chance you shouldn’t miss, so be sure to follow these websites prior to and on Black Friday.

Tax Time Sale

Next time your taxes are due, be sure to check RoboForm’s official website. The brand regularly offers discounts during tax season, and you may be able to save at least $10 on your new RoboForm Everywhere purchase.

RoboForm Memorial Day Sale

Since there’s a year-long RoboForm military discount, it’s not unreasonable to think there would be a special offer for Memorial Day as well. Be sure to visit the coupon page on the brand’s website around this date. If there is a Memorial Day sale, that’s where you’ll find it. 

Even if you don’t find such a thing, the military discount RoboForm offers is incredible. Veterans, soldiers on active duty, military spouses, and military families can save 30% with this discount. The only other condition is that you have to be a first-time user.


If you’re looking for a RoboForm discount, you shouldn’t miss the brand’s referral program. Go to the official website and find Referrals at the bottom of the homepage. Click on it, and you’ll be asked to log in. Once you do, you’ll get the link to share with your friend. When your friend visits that link and signs up, both of you will get RoboForm free of charge for six months.

RoboForm Deals

RoboForm offers even more discounts than what we’ve mentioned so far. There are plenty of additional year-round offers you can find on the brand’s official website.

RoboForm Student Discount

If you think it doesn’t get better than this, it does - especially if you’re a student. By signing up for RoboForm with your college email, you’re getting RoboForm Everywhere free for one whole year. Even after that year is up, a discounted rate awaits if you extend your subscription. As long as you’re a student, you’ll enjoy your purchase for only $12/year.

Just like the majority of educational discounts, the exact same thing applies to professors.

Renewal Discount

Looking for a RoboForm discount code for subscription renewal? You’re in luck, but only if you have a Business company account. In that case, renewal gets you two types of discounts. The good thing is, you don’t have to choose; feel free to use both of them if you’re eligible. Just keep in mind that they only apply if you’re renewing a first-time purchase. 

Buying a large number of licenses will get you a volume discount of up to 25%. If you’ve been using RoboForm for a while, use the RoboForm multi-year discount. That one also gets you up to 25% off your purchase.

Warranty, Trial, and Return Policy

When it comes to RoboForm’s return policy, you’ll get a full refund if you request it no more than 30 days after you bought the product. All you need to do is provide the original email confirming your purchase. However, if you got RoboForm at a discounted price, the refund isn’t possible. 

Another exception is the RoboForm for Business licenses, which are also non-refundable. There is some good news, though; the RoboForm free trial lasts forever. It does lack certain features that paid plans offer (password sharing, for example), but it’s pretty decent nonetheless.

Lower Price, Higher Security

How many different password-protected accounts do you have? 20? 50? 100? If you’re using the same easy-to-remember password for all, you’re embracing hackers with open arms. But if you’re trying to create a special one for each, you’ll lose plenty of time and nerves. 

RoboForm can save you the hassle. And with a decent RoboForm discount code making it super affordable, how can you say “no?” Whether you’re buying it for yourself, looking for a RoboForm Family Plan, or running a whole business, you’ll find plenty of discounts and promo codes. 

Follow these tips, check the official and third-party websites regularly, and you’ll be saving money in no time.

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