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If you’re a Mac user, you can reap great benefits from software designed to help it run smoothly. Oleksandr Kosovan understood this and ended up creating MacPaw, more
If you’re a Mac user, you can reap great benefits from software designed to help it run smoothly. Oleksandr Kosovan understood this and ended up creating MacPaw, a company that develops and distributes software for macOS and iOS. It offers several different products, most of which help optimize your operating system’s performance. But whichever one you’re eyeing to buy, using a MacPaw coupon code will help you save money. show less
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MacPaw’s most widely used tool is CleanMyMac. The company claims that approximately one in five Macs run it, and it’s no wonder. Who doesn’t want a product that replaces dozens of others? By acting as a system cleaner, malware remover, and a performance monitor, it truly makes any Mac user’s life easier.

Some other notable tools are Gemini (finds and removes duplicate files), Setapp (makes tons of quality Mac apps instantly available), as well as Wallpaper Wizard (great if you want different HD wallpapers every day). If you’re a Mac user, you definitely need some of these, and if you can find a couple of MacPaw coupons while you’re at it, it’s an absolute win.

MacPaw Coupon Code 2021

What’s better than having your Mac run at lightning speed? Or owning thousands of beautiful HD backgrounds? Finding a MacPaw coupon that lets you have it all at a lower price! Getting a CleanMyMac coupon is fairly easy, given that it’s MacPaw’s most popular product. But even if you’re looking to buy one of the other tools, you’ll likely find a coupon code for it if you know where to look.

Types of Coupons

Since MacPaw only offers digital products, it makes sense you can only find online coupons for them. The great news is that there are plenty of coupon codes to go around. Not only can you find them on a number of third-party websites, but MacPaw itself also has occasional coupon code offers. You can take advantage of some year-round discounts, too, such as a MacPaw student discount

How to Find Coupon Codes

As previously mentioned, you don’t have to look far. You may be able to get a MacPaw coupon code from the website. If there are any special offers at the moment, you’ll find them in the store. Just keep in mind that most of the offers you find will be temporary and can only be used during a certain period. To make the most of it, follow MacPaw’s social media and make sure you catch the next discount.

Depending on what exactly you're looking for, your search can either come to fruition instantly, or be a bit more difficult. For example, you’ll find a CleanMyMac X coupon fairly easily. It’s MacPaw’s newest Mac cleaning tool and also its most popular one. 

Getting a CleanMyMac 3 discount, however, is a bit more of a challenge. It may be an older version, but it does a great job nonetheless. If you manage to get that discount, you’ll likely be saving even more money.

If you’re looking for a Setapp coupon or some other less popular option, you may be able to get it here on TechPriceCrunch. A Setapp coupon code is not easy to come by, but with plenty of third-party sites offering all kinds of discounts for MacPaw, chances are you’ll eventually find one.

How to Redeem Coupon Codes

Once you’ve found the coupon codes you’re looking for, it’s time to activate them. There are several ways to do that. If you get a CleanMyMac coupon from MacPaw’s official website, find the coupon section at the bottom of the store. Once there, simply enter your code and click to verify. If the code is correct, your reduced prices should be visible right away.

Now, if you’re looking to purchase something other than CleanMyMac, you’ll likely have to turn to third-party websites. Say you’ve finally found that MacPaw Gemini coupon on one of them. What do you do next? Well, if the CTA says ‘Show code,’ it’s a similar procedure. Simply copy the code and paste it at the checkout, and you should be able to see the reduced price. 

If you’ve found MacPaw coupon codes with CTAs that read ‘Get deal,’ ‘Get offer,’ or something along those lines, the whole process is even easier. Click on the CTA so you’re redirected to the payment page, and the discount will be applied automatically.

How to Save Without Coupon Codes

There are plenty of ways you can save on MacPaw products, even without a coupon code. You’ll likely find a great MacPaw discount on the official website. Even if you don’t, third-party websites offer some great deals, so chances are you won’t end up empty-handed.

Seasonal and Holiday Discounts

MacPaw has been known to share temporary coupon codes on special dates and occasions such as Christmas and Halloween. It’s best you follow the company’s social media to find out as soon as there’s a special MacPaw discount code you can use.

MacPaw Black Friday Discount

If you’re looking forward to Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts but don’t see anything on MacPaw’s website, don’t worry. TechPriceCrunch usually offers these types of discounts. 

This is a great place to look for coupon codes for less popular tools, too. Searching for a Wallpaper Wizard 2 coupon may be a struggle most of the time, so Black Friday is a great opportunity to find it more easily.

MacPaw Deals

MacPaw Loyalty Discounts

Loyalty matters to MacPaw. If you’ve ever bought at least one MacPaw product license, you can get a 30% discount on your next purchase. All you need to do is scroll down to the ‘Get a 30% discount’ link and enter the email address you previously used to buy a license. 

Likewise, you can get 50% off your CleanMyMac X upgrade if you already own CleanMyMac Classic, CleanMyMac 2, or CleanMyMac 3. Go to CleanMyMac’s upgrade page, enter the email address you used to buy the previous license, and click to Verify Upgrade. If the email address you entered is correct, you’ll be able to select the license type and proceed to checkout.

MacPaw Education Discount

CleanMyMac student discount is a great way to save 30% on CleanMyMac X. All you need to do is submit your .edu email, and the discount code will be sent to your address. MacPaw cares about teachers, too. If you’re a teacher, you can get the same discount by following the same steps.

Apple and Claris Discounts

Lucky enough to be working at Apple or Claris? There are special MacPaw discount codes for you! Follow this link to apply with your business email, and you’ll be able to get a 50% discount on CleanMyMac X.

Secret Discount

MacPaw seems to really care about its shoppers. If you visit the discounts page, you’ll likely find something for yourself. But even if there’s no MacPaw promo code to be found, try scrolling to the bottom of the page. You may see something along the lines of “No coupon codes? Have a look,” and follow the link you find. A discount should be applied to the store automatically. 

You may have noticed by now that most of the discounts on MacPaw’s official website apply to CleanMyMac. That’s why getting this discount is a great opportunity to shop for some of the lesser popular products. A Gemini 2 coupon code is not always available, so you may as well use the opportunity and purchase this tool. But whatever you end up buying, know that the discount will only be valid for your first year of subscription.

Warranty, Trial and Return Policy

MacPaw offers a trial period for all of its software, so you know exactly what you’re buying. In case you end up not liking a product you paid for, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply contact MacPaw’s Customer Support Team to receive a refund within 7-10 business days. 

Disclaimer: if you’ve bought MacPaw’s software from a third-party seller, that third party’s return policy will apply instead.

Mac-simize Your Performance

If you’re a Mac user, you’ll definitely find MacPaw’s tools useful. Whether you’re looking to improve your system’s performance, easily get all the apps you need, or have a brilliant background at all times, MacPaw has got you covered. 

By offering a trial period, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and an occasional MacPaw coupon code, it’s making it hard to say “no.” There may not be a MacPaw sale for every holiday, but with so many discounts to choose from all year long, you’ll hardly notice. And if you’re still not satisfied, you can find plenty of great MacPaw offers on third-party websites. 

So get those coupon codes, use those discounts, and make your Mac (and yourself) happy!

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