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Flaticon is one of the richest online libraries for free icons. It is a part of FreePik company, an enterprise with customers such as NASA, FedEx, Amazon,...show more
Flaticon is one of the richest online libraries for free icons. It is a part of FreePik company, an enterprise with customers such as NASA, FedEx, Amazon, Spotify, and Microsoft. The brand can provide you with access to over 3,072,000 vector icons. Whether you’re a blogger, a business trying to expand online, or just someone looking to enhance their social media marketing, Flaticon is the right place for you.  Good icons act as a medium between the site and its visitors. Through their own discrete appeal, icons build on the image of a professional quotient to an otherwise bland website. If you agree with us and believe that icons can help your blog, business, or something else, the only thing left to do is grab the first Flaticon coupon you can find. show less
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Flaticon Coupon Code 2021

You can either use the Flaticon free version or the paid premium plan. There is also an icon editor, so you can modify every icon according to your taste or needs. You can modify their size, place, and color scheme. As the biggest database of free vector icons for websites and social media, Flaticon understands why it is important to satisfy all customers.

That said, it’s not a big surprise that the brand offers a Flaticon coupon code here and there. If you want to know more about the coupons from your new favorite icon library, read on.

Types of Flaticon Coupons

You can use a Flaticon coupon on its website only. In essence, a Flaticon premium coupon reduces the price of its subscription plan, while other coupons can save you money when you purchase particular icons.

How to Find a Flaticon Coupon

While there is an occasional Flaticon promo code floating around the web, the brand isn’t keen on giving them. Although it has a social media presence, including Instagram and Facebook, you won’t find any promotions there.

In addition, the website doesn’t sport a single Flaticon discount whatsoever. It does not feature any dedicated sections for promotions, discounts, or anything similar. This means that Flaticon doesn’t give out coupons openly.

However, we can always help. As we research relentlessly for any Flaticon discount code, this is the only site you need to visit regularly. You’ll be surprised with how many coupons we can find.

Flaticon Promotional Code for Subscribing to a Newsletter

When you register on Flaticon, you will automatically be subscribed to its newsletter. You shouldn’t turn it off. The brand will send you insightful design advice, tips, and news from the design industry, as well as an occasional Flaticon offer. Just remember to check your trash, junk, promotions, or spam folder.

How to Redeem a Flaticon Discount Code

If you want to redeem a Flaticon promo code, you will first need to register on the brand’s website. From there, choose your subscription plan. This will lead you to the checkout page. On the checkout page, enter the required information and paste the Flaticon promotional code. The input box will be in the order summary section, in the left part of the screen. Click “Apply,” and you’re good to go.

If your discount is working, a code will present itself on your order summary. On the other hand, if nothing seems to be happening or the coupon code is there, but you don’t see a discount, then it probably expired or should be applied to another subscription plan.

How to Save Without a Flaticon Voucher

Generally speaking, you can always find various Flaticon promo codes. However, even without them, there are a couple of ways for you to save money while purchasing your favorite icon library. Take a look at the sections below if you want to know more about them.

Flaticon Seasonal and Holiday Discounts

During the last several years, Flaticon has promoted various holiday offers and sales. Just in the last year, there was a Flaticon Black Friday discount that offered customers a 50% discount. This offer came through its Facebook profile, so be sure to follow it when new discounts arrive. All in all, the brand is keen on offering different holiday deals, and will likely do so in the future.

Flaticon Free Trial

The brand welcomes you to test its products before making your decision. That’s why you’ll find a Flaticon free trial version. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have all the features of the paid subscription plan. While it does have thousands of free icons, the free plan doesn’t include over 3 million premium vector icons. 

Furthermore, the free trial version has a required attribution. This means you need to always attribute the author when you use her graphics. 

You will also have a limited download amount, as well as a limited collection. Moreover, you won’t have the right to unlimitedly use the same author. There are ads as well, and slower customer support.

Flaticon Annual and Monthly Plan

In essence, Flaticon’s annual plan represents a bulk order. Instead of paying 11$ every month, you will pay 96$ or 8$ per month for a whole year. This equals about a 30-40% discount on the premium plan.

Flaticon Referral Program

There’s also a lucrative Flaticon referral program. To use it, you will need to register on its website as well as at the referral program. Every time you refer a friend, you will get 15% of each purchase and renewal.

Make Your Website Iconic With Flaticon Icons

With over 3 million vector icons and a couple of hundred Instagram icons, Flaticon is the only service you need to enhance your website. If you run a business, you will more easily cut through all that clutter with icons. You can use them to represent a section, topic, or a marketing campaign. Just don’t forget to find a Flaticon coupon first to save money when you purchase the icons.

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